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I absolutely adore Danny. I know the old joke "what do you call 1000 attorneys at the bottom of the ocean?"..."a good start."... LOL. Danny would be the first to likely agree. I have used her twice. After the first time I decided since I could afford an expensive lawyer I would try one. I should had just stuck with Danny. the well known attorney office I used was horrible. They lost my paper work, would forget about what was going on, get me confused with other clients of theirs, charged me for everything, and very wishy-washy. It was horrible. Years later when I went back to Dallas, she was amazing. Once I spoke with her she remembered details of my case years ago, she always has a game plan. She will listen to you and you are able to reach her. She's the only attorney in this entire city..(and I have called a lot) that will literally work with you. As a single mother, that is a God's blessing. Heads up, she's never at court when she says she will be there ... LOL ... it's just her, but she will still show up on time. She even got into a wreck once ... and still showed up at the last minute. She's also wonderful at picking out other good attorneys that you can go to if she's not the right one for your law suit. Love her...hope I never need her again but the way the world works I will.


Dannie Botros has represented me since 2009. She was highly recommended to me by a family friend who was a law professor at Texas Tech and a previous instructor of hers. My divorce has been messy and I needed somebody strong who will fight hard for my rights- know the law- and stear me in the right direction. Honestly, I do not know what I would have done had she not been on my side- she has been a God-send. Divorce finds you at your most vulnerable- Dannie Botros is a hard-nosed straight shooter that you definitely want on your side. I do, and will continue to recommend Dannie Boswell Botros to all of my friends.


I don't know why people seem to have a problem with Dannie, she is realistic and if you didn't do well in the court room maybe it is a reflection of you as a person. Single dad here and she represented me beautifully. I have custody and have maintained it for almost 10 years. Thanks Dannie you are an amazing attorney.


Dannie Botros represented me for 10 years. She did a great job! She knows her stuff and will fight for you. Her fees are reasonable and her experience and knowledge are extensive. I was awarded custody of my daughter when I was 24 (my daughter was four years old), mainly because Dannie did a great job of representing me. I highly recommend her if you need legal representation!


Dannie was not only my attorney, but she was also my counselor, advisor and therapist. She fought and worked hard to help me through my difficult divorce and got me a good settlement. She and Francie ,her assistant, were always available to me. I can highly recommend her.


Dannie helped me through my mess of a divorce and custody issues. I highly recommend her. She will get the job done.


Dannie did a great job with my cases. She worked with me; was patient with me; and did a really good job.


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